The AIDS “Problem”

africa-satellite-smallAIDS in Africa. A terrible thing huh? I’m not actually convinced. People are going around talking about this “Global AIDS Week of Action” as if AIDS were some sort of global pandemic. As far as I concerned, 1.5 million dying each year in Africa and 11 million children being orphaned is an issue for sure, but a big deal?

If AIDS were such an important issue that we should be taking a look at it, where’s the blockbuster? I mean, the only important issues in Africa are those chronicled through the lens of a cinematographer and released at gaudy Hollywood events. For instance- the genocide in a Rwanda? A passing distraction for most, but Hotel Rwanda changed all that. Now we all regularly have intelligent conversations about the Hutus and Tutsis.

And how about Somalia? Until Black Hawk Down, it was just a lawless nation where death ran rampant. Now, socialites are all abuzz about the government’s efforts to rebuild itself, much to the interest of world news organizations. However, perhaps the best example of when we known when problems in Africa should concern us, is when Leonardo DiCaprio steps in.  I mean, until Blood Diamond came along, just like everyone else, I was naiively spending my life’s savings on those pretty rocks. Now me and all my friends know better and only by cz.

Clearly, Hollywood keeps us in the loop. So until a touching film comes out about Africa shouldering 63% of the world’s 39.5 million with AIDS, I’m just not convinced. Even if they did come out with a film though, I’m not sure I would want to watch it. Stories about families and kids dying from disease isn’t really a storyline that is well thought through. I like a little intrigue, sexual tension, and action in my films. I guess I’ll just have to wait until Johnny Depp begins shooting Pirates of the Somali Coast.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I think people dying is you know, like sad and everything, but what are we supposed to do about it? Send them money? That makes about 0 sense. I just read an article about Africa’s addiction to aid, and how we are really just hurting them when we send them money.

All those AIDSy people in Africa just need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

What? they don’t have boots? OMG! THAT’S TERRIBLE! Someone should totally make a movie about that!



Before you crucify me, this piece is purely satirical to raise awareness about AIDS.

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6 Responses

  1. We learned a little bit about the AIDS problem in Africa while I was in nursing school. I don’t know if this is a wide-spread theory in Africa, but we learned about some of the people there who believe that if they get AIDS, all they need to do to get rid of it is to sleep with a virgin. I think the lack of education there is what is hurting them the most. The money that we do send over there should be focused more on education.

  2. Whoa, if thats a wide-spread theory, then we really have a lot of work to do. I think that people really do know about what causes AIDS but they are ashamed to admit it, so they act like they don’t have it and continue on their business. Maybe if we all make in known that the US and Africa as a society will not look down upon those with AIDS then maybe people will feel comfortable enough to not ignore their status and get help.
    Your idea about the blockbuster makes complete sense, and I think its a great idea that Hollywood should take up.

  3. Too funny! I love your wicked sense of humor. Of course, the Left is very upset about the decrease in AIDS in Uganda? Why would they be upset you ask? Because they did it by promoting abstinence first! Basically the Uganda government said, “Stop acting like horny bunnies and doing everything that moves and keep your pants zipped up!” And guess what? The population of those acquiring AIDS dropped dramatically. But I doubt they will make a movie about that will they? LOL

  4. Bush’s AID initiative, which probaly should have been mentioned in this post. That intiative actually promotes abstinence first. I think it was rather successful in some aspects and Bush should be commended. So your premise is very misleading, I think, unless Im misunderstanding you.

  5. AIDS is a very big problem in Africa, but it’s also a concern in the United States as well. What is especially interesting is the racial divide in those who are infected and those who are not. Cultural, social, and economic reasons for why Black Americans have a higher rates and numbers of HIV and AIDS are disappointing, considering the fact that the US should have the means necessary to control such an epidemic.

  6. I think all of us could write dissertations about the AIDS epidemic in Africa, or anywhere, and not touch the surface of the problem. Africa is a country that has suffered much. From both internal, and external sources. But what help is too be expected of us? A country that cannot truly take care of it’s own? I am afraid that Africa is going to continue it’s path of destruction from AIDS, or some other disaster. Either from within, or without. Thanks for writing this, though I am not sure how I feel about my own feelings on the subject anymore. Peace, Jim

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