Senate Seat for Sale

2462864blagojevich-corruption-probe-sffJust when I thought my post Justice Makes a Blunder, which criticized the role of money government, would perhaps loose its relevancy in a new age of politics ushured in by the Obama administration, I realize I was wrong. Very wrong.

Apparently, having boatloads of money to run a campaign and crush your opponent is old-fashioned, and too laborious. The new word on the street is, if you want in on Congress, you need only stop by Aisle 1 in the Illinois State Superstore, and the Governor will sell you President-Elect Obama’s Senate Seat.

No Joke. The 51 year old Democratic Governor of Illinois, Rod Bladgojevich was arrested earlier today for offering the Senate seat left vacant by President Elect Obama, to the highest bidder. Unhappy with the Obama team, Gov. Bladgojevich told his staff:

“[They’re] not going to give me anything except appreciation- Fuck them.”

Already under corruption charges, Bladgojevich was so brazen to even suggest if he didn’t receive a high enough bribe he would take the senate seat himself so that he would have more resources to fight the charges (Gotta love the foresight).

This shameful behavior by a United States Governor puts a tarnish on the otherwise clean veneer of Obama’s respected transition team. While they allegedly had nothing to do with the scandal, give pundits a few hours, and we’ll begin hearing people link Obama himself to the “pay to play” scheme.

As terrible as this plot to grant one of the most powerful positions in the nation- 1 of the 100 United States Senate Seats– to an individual based on their ability to put together a sweet bribery package; in my humble opinion it still doesn’t come close to the outright theft of the 2000 election.

Perhaps the worst thing of all however, is that any future aspirations I had to politics are now dashed, unless some sorely misguided individual is willing to accept my college debt as a bribe.



3 Responses

  1. Totally amazing. And even more so given that the previous IL governor…is also in jail!!


  2. I didn’t realize the Illinois governor’s position was really just part of some half-way house! Sorry, couldn’t help it given the previous post! Both parties are completely corrupt, but I do hold out hope that Obama is smart enough to understand the power of the internet on his office. I would think so, as he used it for his campaign. It automatically creates a more transparent government which makes the same old song and dance impossible. Here’s hoping to the peaceful internet revolution! Cheers! Jim

  3. lol Bug- I didn’t know that!

    Jim, i’m with ya!

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