Healthcare Reform for Idiots


I really shouldn’t have to do this, but here we go. Healthcare Reform for Idiots:

(Disclaimer: single payer health care is  the best option. Remove the profit motive from health care. No more million dollar CEO’s getting rich by dropping folks who get cancer or other illnesses. But this guide to health care reform for idiots is necessary since single payer was destroyed by wealthy industry opponents)

#1. Congressional Republicans are NOT STUPID (well not literally, but that’s another discussion). Republicans are not intellectually incapable of understanding the problems around healthcare and what the democratic solutions are. What republicans are is MANIPULATIVE.

#2. Since the republicans are not stupid, but rather conniving weasels, the President and Democrats need to be smart. Don’t get caught up arguing that republican objections have no wings, just CUT THE DAMN WINGS! Example: DROP THE PROVISION that republicans are twisting as “DEATH PANELS”. The provision itself would simply allow physicians to counsel patients on end-of-life care, but its just red meat for the republicans.  Its just not that important, and can be done in separate future legislation.  Drop the provision, and just pull the rug out from under the R’s.

#3. Speed is essential. While the R’s are trying to find some new baloney to fiercely oppose, MOVE ON HEALTH CARE. GET A BILL OUT AND TO THE PRESIDENT.

#4. Speaking of speed, Democrats: GET YOUR FLIPPING ACT TOGETHER. Just in case that is ambiguous, let me repeat: DEMOCRATS, GET YOUR FLIPPING ACT TOGETHER. Republicans are able to toe the party line no problem–This is the first time in who knows how long when the Democrats have the presidency, the house, and the senate. DO THE DAMN THING.

North Korea has been obnoxious and obstinate in nuclear discussions. Conservatives  argue a policy of non-engagement. SO GIVE THESE CONSERVATIVES A TASTE OF THEIR OWN MEDICINE. We do not need to engage in their b.s. and beg for their votes.

#5. DON’T PASS A HALF-BAKED PUBLIC OPTION. For a public option to be meaningful, it can’t be watered down to accommodate scheming republicans.

#6. Be Clear about how you are going to pay for everything. Don’t Simply say the reform will cost $700 billion. EXPLAIN THAT WE ARE ALREADY SPENDING MUCH OF THIS MONEY ON HEALTH CARE. Its not like we are just going to tack on new spending. We are restructuring largely how we pay for healthcare.

#7. CHOOSE YOUR BAD GUY. Right now “big government” is the bad guy. Its easy for the right blame the government and rail against it. How about redirecting some of that ire where it belongs? THE HEALTH INSURANCE INDUSTRY. If you haven’t had a personal experience where you, a family member, a friend, or a co-worker was screwed over by their insurance company, you either live under a rock or  in a  FANTASY BUBBLE OF CAREFREE FOLK. Direct some of this justified anger at the industry.

#8. SUBMIT YOUR RESIGNATION if you still can’t figure out how to pass health care reform with a democratic president, house, senate, and massive public discontent with the status quo.

If you really can’t do it, I’m happy to take your job.



13 Responses

  1. 😀 that’s my boy

  2. Um no – that’s MY boy (Man!) ………son 🙂

    Bravo. Mom

  3. Hiya Kevin, I am glad America is at last engaging in the HC debate, decades of cowardly Dem politicians are to be blamed for running scared for soo long, I liked Obama’s first plan, alas a little too bold I think, but you are right it is now or never. It needs a tidal wave of public opinion to make it happen, it is almost on a par with civil rights. dammit people deserve better welfare in the US.

  4. Amateur hour. It is obvious that no one involved in the healthcare “reform” debate has ever run so much as a condom machine. How do you cover 30m (illegals) people and deliver the same quality care that has been promised. Mathematically how does that work. Fines for not participating. Are you kidding these people don’t have freaking car insurance. And, how are you going to enforce as they are illegal. This is a bunch of BS.

  5. Social justice is code for too lazy to go out there and earn your own rewards.

  6. Next we see amnesty for illegals, reparations for blacks, and constitutional amendments for GLBT folks.

    Economically, since no one on this website can add, or run a business, we are headed for big time inflation.

    So, that means your food stamps, WIC, and Welfare won’t go as far…

  7. Hey, hey…one of you feeble minded fools might be able to see the logic in actually reforming healthcare with a plan that is feasible.

    You put all your faith in government. BO and that sexy Michelle (she is sexy like oprah is skinny) can’t balance their checkbook, let alone lead a party or a nation.

    How is healthcare going to come out better than the Post Office, Social Security, AmTrak, or the DPS?

  8. Hey, hey. There are only 6 people that have viewed this website or you are not up for a real debate.

    I have a Pointer hound smarter than the average Democrat.

    Hey, I know let’s have a live debate…Any takers?

  9. Moderation…what a joke…Censorship.

  10. Social Justice like radical egalitarianism. GET A DICTIONARY.

  11. Social Justice with this plan ???

  12. the problem is i dont , truly.

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