Election Day Undecideds

For the woman at the gym this morning that said she still didn’t know who she was voting for today- I want to poke fun at you, but really more than anything you make me sad. To be undecided about who to vote for shows a monumental lack of understanding of what the candidates stand for and the direction they would take this country or a level of apathy that should lead to the revocation of your right to live in this country.

I am voting for Barack Obama not because I am deluded into thinking he is perfect, or blindly put his racial background above all else, but because he has articulated a clear, consistent vision for this country for years that is premised on creating equal opportunity for all and respecting the dignity of all people.He has a track record that is unquestionable- from ending the war in Iraq, to passing health care reform (however perfect it represents progress), to thoughtful government intervention that benefited us all- auto industry rescue, American Recovery & Reinvestment Act, to repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, passing the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act to creating the Deferred Action program for immigrant youth.

Although some may fault him for it, he has shown a willingness to attempt to work with all sides in Washington and has chosen to remain civil and honest throughout his campaigning. To contrast what Obama stands for with the hypocrisy, pandering, lies and lack of substance that Mitt has offered to Americans presents such a stark contrast that it is shocking and embarrassing that anyone could not know which way they wanted to vote.

The reason that the outcome of the election is even in question is due to the willful ignorance of so many, the frightening gullibility of the masses, and the failure of our society to better promote, and make possible, the act of informed voting.

The president has earned my vote, and friends, I hope you will not only go out and support him today, but that you will remain engaged in the political process in the years to come because creating a country and future we want to live in does not begin and end with election day.

(original post 11-6-12)