Declaring Resistance

This originally was something I posted to facebook on Nov 11, 2016, shortly after the election of Donald Trump


Hands at political protest march

Picture © aleutie Fotolia

When we said there was a rape culture on our college campuses that needed to change, you said boys will be boys.

When we said black lives matter and we were tired of being killed by police without repercussion, you said all lives matter and that we ought to stop race baiting.

When we said our family members and friends were human beings, not illegal aliens, you said you were tired of political correctness.

When we said a woman’s right to choose was sacred, you said they ought to be punished.

When we said ours was a country of religious tolerance, you said Muslims should register with the government and no more should come.

When we said our country’s strength was in its diversity, you said we would build a wall with our neighbors.

When we said paying taxes was the price of living in a society organized for the collective good, you said it was smarter to find a way around them.

When we said the campaign was fomenting hate and intolerance that needed to be turned down, you turned up the volume on the TV.

When we said we were scared for our loved ones and our communities, you voted to put them at risk.

And now.

When “white” and “colored” signs appear above high school water fountains, you say let’s come together.

When women are attacked and have their hijabs pulled off, you say we ought to let bygones be bygones.

When swastikas are spray painted on ballfields along with “make America white again,” you say we just need to keep an open mind.

When children taunt their classmates with chants of “build that wall,” you say we need to try listening harder.

When LGBTQ pride flags are burned while hanging outside people’s homes, you say we just need to give him a chance.


We will not cover our ears because it is easier to pretend not to hear.

We will not close our eyes because it is easier to pretend not to see.

We will not be silent because it is easier to pretend our voices don’t matter.

We will not sit by idly because it is easier to not take a stand.

We will not go quietly into the night because it is easier not to fight.




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