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Welcome to my blog. This site is a source of independent thought & commentary, news & views, by me & you.

I will welcome thoughts from you on social issues- on everything from health care to the war to the election.

Whether it’s a paragraph or a page- I hope this blog will serve as a place for like minded people to share their views, read each others ideas, and engage in a vigorous discussion about this country, its challenges, and the way forward.

Please tell your friends about this site- It’s just getting off the ground, but I would love to see this become a place for progressive thinkers to enjoy discourse and be challenged…



It’s been 3 months since the launch of this blog, and I’ve had a great time writing and talking with many of you. I appreciate the 8,000+ hits generated from 52 different countries, and I look  forward to blogging with you in the New Year!!


45 Responses

  1. Im glad i stumbled across this, i will take more time with my team to run through ya site, what i can see so far, im feeling. and i love to debate on social issues by the way

  2. hey brother- thanks for checking out the blog. Im 100% with you on debating social issues. feel free to post an idea or topic on the discussion board. i’m down for some good discourse

  3. Hi Kevin, it’s the poet pretender, we are more than the Atlantic ocean apart, all I can say is I believe in equality and justice for everyone, I sometimes think America are the tail in those things when they ought to be the head. Best wishes

  4. Thanks gentledove, unfortunately in America, our citizenry often finds equality at odds with justice.
    You are absolutely right re: the tail wagging the dog…

  5. Dear douglaskev,
    I salute you. At the stroke of me seeing your post in the forum (supporting India (and me as well :)) I felt very glad. I’m very happy on what you have done (both in the forum and in your blog). And the ‘happy’ that I meant are not just words. They are true. So, Thank you first of all.

    I just stopped by your blog to see what you have got. Truth is, it’s an incredible site. Good content. A ‘must read’ one. You are of my type. 🙂

    So, as a sign of friendship I would give your blog’s referral from mine.

    Thank you once again douglaskev. You are a nice guy. 🙂

  6. hello douglas awesome blog im wondering how you do all this i even get my dad to help but he never knows how

  7. Hi douglaskev,

    Its me again. 🙂
    “im not sure how to get it out there!”… I saw this… Never mind

    May be i can help you. Do you get traffic from the search engines??

  8. Just wanna say hi, Douglas!

  9. I’ve been stuck on your site here for an hour now! I enjoy what you have to offer. I wish there more Americans like you! Keep doing your thing.

  10. thanks for all the kind words everyone!

    it is your encouragement that provides me with motivation to procrastinate & fiddle around with this website ^_^

  11. I made two comments without even saying hello-so here it is- hello, hope you are well 🙂

  12. Wonderful blog dk! I’ll be back.

  13. Hey thanks for your comment. I must admit this is the first time I have seen your blog. To be quite frank, I really like what I see. I look forward to reading your future posts.

    Have a great and encouraging day,

    P.S. – I did enjoy the media page.

  14. Great blog. The Philly section with all the murals is fantastic. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day.

  15. Hey Cats, I agree this is a great blog. I just check out the Philly Corner and it is great. I never really knew that street murals were still “in”. I had to go to Detroit for a project and analyze some murals and I think its so sad that some people can’t view them as serious works of art.
    Hey douglaskev noticed you went through some avatar changes. I like you current avatar rather than the other one you had on yesterday.

  16. im glad you enjoyed the art- it was just a tiny sampling of what philly has!

    the avatar business was an accident-wordpress switched it on me for some reason? lol

  17. Well, Im very happy it wasn’t your choice to use the avatar, because I was secretly questioning your judgment LOL

  18. Thanks for your comment on my photoblog 🙂

  19. Hi there. Thanks for your comments about the photographs. =) And guess what? I liked the media site, though I can’t really relate to the discussion in your entries. ^^”

  20. I like you. Your cleverness and smart-assiness pleases me. 🙂

  21. Guess what!! I found you on WP’s top growing blogs!! Even though you’re at 94, that’s still awesome. Nice work 🙂

  22. I looked today & seems like I got bumped out. Thanks for letting me know though!!
    (i had to do a Google search btw to find the list. how do you get there from the dash?)

  23. Nice to have you here Drea, thank you very much ^_^

  24. Go to wordperss.com and click on the “more” link thats above the “Hawt Post” section

  25. It’s an interesting site — and I will be back. 🙂

  26. Hi Alex- thanks! I hope to hear some of your thoughts ^_^

  27. Hi doug, I had a freefall in my prof life and thats the reason I never turned up to the forums also. Darker days of my life 😦

    Hope you are fine. very glad that your blog is such a super hit. YOu rock man. I could see your growth in this blogging carrier.. Great! Great going too.. also you look good man 🙂 from you contact page 😆 am telling…. I could also see your absence in the forums… Anything??


  28. Freddie- I’m so sorry to hear that! I see you posted this a few weeks ago- have things turned around?

    I was missing from the forums because of winter break from school! I’ll be back ^_^

  29. hmm… further down. Heard about this. I’m a poor victim. But this are turning to noraml i guess. lets see.. Anyway, thanks for asking man…

    I think you people will have a great time with your new president 😉 Hey any updates on your trip to my place??


  30. ive actually had a change of plans- i wont be going to india this summer…maybe in the future?

    im already having a great time with the new pres!

    (the link you gave doesn’t work)

    nice seein ya!

  31. Just wanted to say, I love the blog. I am not sure I wouldn’t have found you if you hadn’t found me first but I’m so glad you did. It looks great too and I’ll definitely be investigating more fully!

  32. Hi cb! good to have you here ^_^

    i think i found you through the tags option..

    Hope to engage in some discussions with you!

  33. Woah! major revision! I like this template better than the last one, although it’s a little disorienting on the main page.

  34. thanks for the feedback bug girl. there are things i like, but things i dont.

    i feel like people wont find my older posts as easy, but ill give it a whirl….

  35. Hey just wanted to say Great site and i liked how you broke down the press summary from 1-15-09 form Appropriations Committee.

    Keep up the great work.

    God Bless,

  36. thanks truth tracker!

  37. Hey! You sure changed a lot around here!

    So I found a way to get past some internet censorships. Just dropped by to say hi 🙂 can’t stay long, I promise I’ll start reading again when I get back home 🙂

  38. good for you lizii!

    also nice to hear from you again!

    have a safe return trip ^_^

  39. woah again! I think I like this design better.

  40. ^_^

    who knows where the merry-go-round will stop?

  41. i like it like this layout! professional.

  42. Hey Kevin,

    I enjoy your website and the information you have to present to the world from your point of view. However, I do have to ask one question…where is God in all of this? Don’t you think the world would have more success with social change if everyone would accept the concept Jesus preached, “You are your brothers keeper!”

    • What university schooling have you finished?
      And excuse me but most of the social facts presented are researchable facts. You comliment in subliminal tones so just show your “face” and say what you really mean.

  43. nice blog. keep in up. visit me if you like to exchange the blogroll links

    from Danuka

  44. Nice blog for deadbeats. Debate like Al Gore debates. Debate like Obama. Debate requires back up and the problem with all of you in the “let’s give everything away for free” crowd is that you are creating the same cess pool that everyone around the world comes here to escape.

    Why did BO come here (after birth) from Kenya? Because there is no oppty there. It is ruled by despots intent on robbing the country of all oppostition and wealthy. Now what does BO do…fools you fools into thinking he cares about you. You are simply a loose coalition that made up enough margin to get the least qualified the most powerful position in the world – which he has squandered. All you francophiles check out what Sarkozy is saying about Obama.

    This is the most inept White House since Jimmy Freaking Carter. BO will eclipse his incompetence and set black politicians back for decades to come.

    Forget the birth certificate. Let’s see his grades, his school loan documents, his thesis. Why won’t he release these docs? What is he hiding?

    I will fill in the blanks, this guy has been promoted by race for every liberal apologist all the way through life. Why? Because he speaks so well for a black man.

    How insulting to educated black men like myself…Wake up black America, we are losing decades of progress. BO must go…

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