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Monday, April 19th

Troy Davis Still Needs Your Help!

From Amnesty International:

It’s not the end of the road for Troy Davis, but the news is not good.

Yesterday, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected Troy Davis’ bid for a new trial. In a 2-1 vote, the court cited technical reasons to reject Davis’ petition for a hearing.

But all hope is not lost. Troy has 30 days to file another petition with the US Supreme Court.

Troy and his lawyers are doing everything they can to fight this decision from the inside. It is up to us to turn up the pressure on the outside. Even if you’ve taken action before, keep flooding Governor Perdue’s office with emails demanding justice for Troy. And pass the action on to everyone you know. There is power in numbers and when you stand behind Troy Davis, you make the fight for justice even stronger!

We can’t thank you enough.

In solidarity,
Sue, Brian, Jessie, and the rest of the Death Penalty Campaign team

P.S. Save the date — National Day of Solidarity for Troy Davis coming in May. We’ll be in touch soon to let you know how you can support Troy in your own community!


Monday, February 9th

Troy Davis

If you aren’t familiar with Troy Davis, take a look at this brief video, then google him.

He needs our help!


Friday, January 21st

National Stimulus Legislation

The House is currently holding debate and marking up the American Recovery and Reinvestment bill in the Appropriations Committee. There are a plethora of good ideas in this bill, many of them under attack by republicans. Read the summary here, and decide for yourself what you like & what you don’t. Then let your legislators know- this is going to go through in the next week or two so act now!!

Your Representative

Your Senator


Thursday, January 15th

National Call in Day for Health Care

Call your legislators today & tell them you support single payer health care legislation like H.R. 676 originally introduced by Rep’s Kucinich & Conyers. You can also oppose Sanjay Gupta for Attorney General. Read why here.


Monday, January 12

Guantanamo Bay

Sign the open letter to Barack Obama telling him to uphold his promise to Guantanamo Bay:

ACLU Open Letter


Monday, December 8

Troy Davis

If you’ve been on this page before, you know about Troy Davis already. If not, scroll down & read. So the newest court date is this Tuesday, December 9th.

Sign a petition in support of clemency for Troy @ Amnesty’s site.


Global Aids Week

What is it? Read about it here. The rest is up to you.


A Message of Thanks

All these calls to action & no thanks for your work. Well, let me pass on a note I read. It is a thank you letter from Sami al-Hajj’, a former Guantanamo Bay detainee. He shares his thoughts on the work people like you have done, especially those who wrote letters of support through Amnesty International’s Global-write-a-thon:

Dear Friends,

I was detained for more than six years by the U.S. government, primarily in the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay. In late 2001, I was a journalist with the news agency al-Jazeera, assigned to cover the war in Afghanistan. While on that assignment, I was detained at the border of Pakistan-Afghanistan, and transferred to U.S. custody. I found that I had entered into a nightmare that would claim six years of my life and place great hardship on my family.

Fortunately, Amnesty International and other organizations called attention to my case and campaigned on my behalf. In December last year, my case was featured in Amnesty’s Global Write-a-thon. A few months later, I was released from Guantanamo in May 2008 without any charges.

I received more than 20,000 letters from members and supporters of Amnesty International. I received letters from all over the world. These letters really encouraged me during my very difficult time. They made me feel as though I was not alone and not to give up. Some people sent me songs, others poetry. I felt as though people had not forgotten me through these letters and I felt something change in my life for the better from these letters.

Also, I could notice that the administration of Guantanamo Bay began treating me better, as they knew I had people who cared about me. The guards said to me that they could see I was someone who mattered and must be important because of all the letters – this made them respect me more.

These letters led me to think about human rights: Why would all of these people write to me, a stranger, and want to help and encourage me? Why would these people who are from a different country, religion, race – everything – want to work on my behalf, wish good things for me and ask that I be released?

This made me decide to work for human rights and to help people upon my release. I hope, God willing, to continue this work for all of my life.

I ask you to join Amnesty’s Global Write-a-thon and help make a difference in the lives of people who are facing great adversity. Prisoners of conscience and human rights defenders risk their own freedom to fight for the rights of all. They deserve our support.

Your actions can make a difference. Believe me, I know. Thank you again to Amnesty International and to all of those who wrote and encouraged me during my hard time.


Sami al Hajj
2007 Write-a-thon case

Former Guantanamo Bay detainee

(thank you letter in full version w/signature)


Saturday, November 22nd

Hold Obama Accountable

Now that President Elect Obama is preparing to take on the laundry list of problems we face, make sure that he hears from you, especially if you voted for him. Let him know that we will be vigilant in promoting social justice, and he must not let politics cloud his agenda.

Amnesty has a plan for his first 100 days that you can read and support.

ACLU has transition plan highlighting civil rights that you can read and support

Read my plan that I am forwarding to the President Elect and comment on it,

Make your own views known: Contact Barack Obama


Monday, November 17th

Action Blitz!

So I’ve let you off the hook for about a week now. And to make it up to you, here are several things you can get involved with:

Commit to write letters during Amnesty International’s Global Write A-thon. It Begins December 5th.

Amnesty International is a wonderful organization that works to preserve human rights around the globe. Much of their work is done by volunteers writing letters. Don’t underestimate the power of the pen. Watch this video:


Ask Obama to close Guantanamo Bay when he becomes President: Sign the open letter.

He has previously pledged to do so: The Pledge


Speak up about the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Read about it here.

Take action here &/or here.


Get involved in your community. Sure its great and helpful to sign online petitions- but change happens when people get out and work teogether. Choose an issue thats important to you- then look it up online- there is likely a group near you working on the issue- whether its gay rights, peace, or health care. Joining a local effort is a great way to meet like minded people, and only takes a small committment.

Go ahead, do it!


Sunday, November 8

Become a Mole for the FBI!!

Everybody knows we’ve been hit by tough times & jobs are hard to come by. Our country is in a mess, and it will be a while before we get back on our feet. In this climate, its not easy to spend your valuable time standing up for what you believe int- making phone calls, writing letters, protesting… Luckily, the FBI is hiring: Spy on Your Neighbors! The pay is great, and a conviction will land you some $$$$

Already in Law Enforcement? The FBI wants you to watch out for the following:

“use of the internet to recruit, raise funds, and coordinate their activities prior to demonstrations” as well as “[d]uring the course of a demonstration … using cell phones or radios to coordinate activities or to update colleagues about ongoing events.”

Other examples of criminal activity cited include using tape recorders and video cameras, which “may be used for documenting potential cases of police brutality and for distribution of information over the internet”; wearing scarves and sunglasses “to minimize the effects of tear gas and pepper spray as well as obscure one’s identity”; and wearing “layered clothing” as a form of “body protection equipment.”



Thursday, November 6

Signed up for your National ID yet?

The Real ID Act, passed in 2005 would set up a national database for tracking all citizens by newly issued national ID’s.  The scoop

A Humorous Warning


Tuesday, November 4


Votación!     голосовать!      Bình chọn!      Voto!       Abstimmung!    تصويت  !
Today’s a freebie. You don’t have to sign a letter for Amnesty International, You don’t have to call your legislator, You don’t have to sign an ACLU petition, You don’t have to take a bus to D.C., or even read my rants…
All you have to do today:
Go to your polling station.
Stand in line.
Make a difference.

Monday, November 3

Net Neutrality?

What’s net neutrality? Five minutes ago I couldn’t tell you. I’d seen the phrase once or twice, but when looking for an action for the day for you (^_^) I came across a website that explains what net neutrality is, and why you should be concerned. In a nutshell, net neutrality is about maintaining an “open” internet, and not letting major telecommunications companies “run” it. An interesting concept that will probably become more relevant in the near future.

Read about it here.


Halloween Weekend

This Halloween weekend, stand up for the rights of pumpkins. Honestly, pumpkin parity is a non-starter, and we need to change that.

Get Involved!


Thursday, October 30


Here’s the deal…all the fraud I warned you about, you know, my crazy liberal talk, is going down. Read about it here: (“vote flipping”) and here: (“voter purging”). These are just two of dozens of articles around the internet.

So what to do? First, make sure you have received your voter registration card if you have registered in a new city/state (if you haven’t get on it. if you aren’t registered, you aren’t voting). Second, make sure you know where your correct polling location is, if you show up at the wrong polling station you may cast a provisional ballot (but indications are they often aren’t counted…and that’s if they have any left) DOUBLE CHECK YOUR VOTE BEFORE SUBMITTING, just because you selected a candidate and then voted on some other things don’t assume your choice has not changed.  If anything goes wrong CONTACT THE MEDIA (don’t assume your situation is unique…if a trend is going on the media has the capacity to get the word out and make it an issue). If anyone tries to prevent you from voting or claims you aren’t on the voter rolls, or your name is on a challenge list, or anything shady is going on CONTACT A VOTING RIGHTS GROUP (Philadelphia’s). UNDERSTAND THE ELECTION PROCESS & RULES, take 5 minutes and find a website that has voting rules in your state, make sure you understand the process before going to the polls….do you know the answers to these questions?

Q: Can police be at polling stations?

Q: Do you need a photo ID to vote?

Q: Are there any propositions, initiatives, or questions on your city’s/state’s ballot?

In short, don’t let me read about you on the 5th as someone who got screwed because they weren’t prepared


Wednesday, October 29

Choose Your Own Adventure

(aka I have to do homework now) 😛


Tuesday, October 28

Stop Discriminatory Sentencing

Arrested for possession of cocaine? Bad. Arrested for possession of crack? Worse. 100 times worse. Discriminatory sentencing continues to be a major issue in our judicial system, with laws specifically targeting low income minorities for harsh prison sentences. According to the ACLU possession of 5 grams of crack will get someone in the same amount of trouble as possesion of 500 grams of cocaine.

Accidental? Doubtful.

Speak Out Here


Monday, October 27


Many of you have taken action on behalf of Troy Davis- it appears that public outcry is turning the tide in his favor. His original stay of execution pushed back his execution to today (27th), but he again received a stay just a few days ago. The pressure needs to be kept up to help save Troy Davis.


They ask instead that you sign this Petition


Saturday, October 25


Maybe you’ve heard about early voting- maybe you haven’t. Early voting is a process which allows individuals to essentially cast their vote early. Many are doing so out of fear of election day hangups- intimidation, challenges, machine failure, long waits, etc. To date, thousands of voter registrations have been “lost”, and many are being inappropriately purged in efforts to make sure that “voter databases” are kept current. The right is raising issues of fraudulent registrations by the Acorn. Maybe someone did register “mickey mouse” or dead people. But those people won’t be showing up at the polls. More importantly, the Department of Justice should focus on the real issues that are going to affect real people when they show up on Election Day.

Read & Sign ACLU’s Petition


Thursday, October 23

Educate Yourself on the RNC8- Protect Civil Liberties

Do you know who the RNC8 are? Curious how the Patriot Act is really playing out? Read about this group of 8 Minnesota citizens have been charged under the Patriot Act, allegedly the first time in the United States that individuals have been tried under the Patriot Act without actually doing anything

Background on the RNC8

Facebook group in support of RNC8

Biography of one of 8 being charged- typical terrorist


Wednesday, October 22

Prevent Troy Davis’s Murder

Despite previous Supreme Court intervention, a death warrant for Troy Davis has been issued for October 27. Troy Davis was sentenced to death for a murder in which no physical evidence was presented, no weapon was found, and 7 of 9 individuals who testified in the trial have recounted  their original testimony- many since signing sworn affidavits that they were coerced by police to . For Troy Davis to be executed is an injustice- Speak out Troy Davis’s behalf- stand up for his life & for justice.

(FYI, since 1975 120 people have been released from death row after being found innocent- the number of innocent who have lost their lives to state sanctioned execution is unknown)

Learn More


Friday, October 17th

Open Your Eyes

Okay, now that they are open, turn your t.v. to C-SPAN. No, really. Our media today has become so blatantly biased and politically influenced, it is difficult to even consider most news programs journalistic. From Fox, to MSNBC, to CNN ideological leanings heavily color what we are presented. Make a promise to yourself to observe our democracy in action, unfiltered, for at least an hour this week. Hey, I know sometimes you have the t.v. on and theres just nothing worth watching. Check out C-SPAN instead; although they aren’t perfect, live feeds (or recent recordings) from Sentate & House Committee Hearings, Floor Debate, Presidential Addresses, etc allow you to experience first hand what a news anchor will tell you tomorrow- only this way you’ll get it without the spin.

C-SPAN Website- look up a program on the schedule that sounds interesting!


Thursday, October 16th

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

A lot of us talk about social change, and justice, and decry the abuses perpetrated by big corporations, but continue to support those individuals, organizations, and businesses that do the very things we abhor. This is largely the inevitable result of living in our society, unless you have time to do a complete background check on every product and service you buy.

Here’s one way to know you are making a difference: Sign up for Credo Mobile. Credo Mobile is a subsidiary of Working Assets, a progressive company that donates a portion of all revenue to various non-profits such as Amnesty International, ACLU & Planned Parenthood. Working Assets has already donated over $55 million to various causes, and its newly launched (last year), wireless service is a great way you can help change the world. Check out the impressive list of non-profits they dontate to

If you sign up with Credo they will cover the cost of your early termination fee with your current carrier- and the best part- you will get to talk to me for free ^_^.

To Learn More & Sign Up For Credo Mobile

To Learn More & Sign Up For A Working Assets Credit Card


Wednesday, October 15th

Hold the G7 Accountable

In 2002, Twenty Two industrialized nations pledged to donate .7% of their national income to fight world-wide poverty. To date, only 5 nations have upheld their pledge. 11 are scheduled to reach this goal by 2015, and 6, including the USA who ranks last have not made a schedule to uphold this promise. This week the G7 are meeting to discuss worldwide financial matters. Demand that these nations uphold their promises. Jeff Sachs has agreed to deliver a worldwide petition to these leaders on Thursday.

Sign the Petition Here


Tuesday, October 14th


People sometimes get frustrated at the world, and don’t know what to do. While you might not change the world today, find out who your legislators are- give them a call- and let them know whats on your mind. When’s the last time your local rep got a call about child soldiers? When’s the last time your senator got a call about relations with Cuba? Heck, call 5 of your friends & tell them to call their legislators. A non-issue will stay that way until enough people make it an issues.

Find your legislators here- SPEAK OUT!


Monday, October 13th


Due to the recent Supreme Court Decision (Boumediene v. Bush) that held Guantanamo detainees had the right to habeas corpus, the Bush Administration and Attorney General Mukasey are asking Congress to indefinitely expand the “war on terror”. This would mean that “enemy combatants” may be held indefinitely- In short, they want to re-write the courts decision.

Take Action & Read More Here



2 Responses

  1. I blogged about troy davis also, injustice is not justice.

  2. good stuff. did you hear his execution was stayed again? it was supposed to be today.

    (thanks to all who worked on his behalf)

    read more here:


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