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The Verichip


China Tired of U.S. Dollar; holds worlds largest cash assets

Obama Billion Dollar Plan


The Other Side of the AIG Story

Keystone Progress

Clean Coal, Take 2

Strip Searching School Girls?

Injury Vs. Health Care


Israel T-shirts Encourage Killing Pregnant Palestinians

Israel Gaza Abuse


Crooked Cops

Prescription Drugs Profit

How To Manipulate the Stock Market

Faces of Us- LGBT Photo Campaign

US-Mexico Row


AIG Bonuses


US-Iran Sanctions

Health Care Poll


Ty’Sheoma’s letter to Obama

Community Toolbox


Wealth Income & Power

Corrupt Judge sends kids to jail for $

Clean Coal Ad

Security Camera Players

Conscientious objectors


Bread & Roses Community Fund


State of the Nation

Now avaialable: Parents can select eye color of their child

Madea and implications for black women


Ideology Test

Toxic Trash Dumped in Africa


Israel bombs Gaza; asks for unexploded bombs back


US Army wants immigrants

Protest at US/Mexico Border


US Judge takes kickbacks to send kids to jail

Combatting Global Warming


Liberty News

Lazy Terrorists


Social Work Lawsuit

Progressive Caucus (Congressional)

Dining With Terrorists (Pt. 1)

Dining With Terrorists (Pt. 2)

Crony Jobs

Floating Garbage Patch in Ocean


Unemployment Phone Line Jammed

Angry U.S. Representative


Human Rights Timeline under Bush

Al Jazeera

Censored News Stories

Unpublished Gaza War Pictures (Warning: Graphic)


Human Rights Watch

Scabby the Rat


Police Macing & Hitting Peaceful Women (video)

Thoughtful Flash on Liberty


Free Speech Ruling

Do you have to show your receipt?


Inconvenient News

Best Buy calls police for not leaving loan application behind

Philly on Crime:

Population Problem

Water Crisis


Self Esteem and Materialism

Man hands out cash in NY

Pepsi, You Make Me Want to Vomit

Hosptials Overwhelmed in Gaza

Gay Penguins


Historic: Lesbian Prime Minister

Iraq says “no” to blackwater


Bush says he going to “miss us”

Heterosexual Marriages Nulled



HealthCare Now!

A Tough Break Up

Nonprofit Street

View from the Left


One Handful of Rice

Republicans for Single Payer


Police beat 12 year old girl

Obama changes lobbying rules & freezes salaries

Inauguration & Address

Organ Harvest Season

US Lags on Gay Rights

What Opened Your Eyes?

Migrants Left to Die

Microchip Implant Anyone?


Dictatorship Watch

Differences in Children’s Brain based on Income


The Internet & Africa

The 100 Mile Zone- do you live in it?


Freedom to Fascism

Troy Davis

Journalist Throws his shoes at Pres. Bush

Locked Up in China

Hope for Humanity


Michelle Obama: What Lies Ahead

US Factory Strike Successful!

Price of Silence

I Suppose it was only a matter of time before someone online called me an angry black man!

Day Without A Gay


Police Speak Out Against Taser After He Feels Effects

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The 12 Days of Bailouts

Blackwater Mercenaries on Trial

Harlem Children’s Zone


Recent Terrorists According to the Government: Nuns, pacifists, lobbyists

Do you know the first amendment?

Mr. President

Map of Universal Health Care Coverage Around the World

Governmental Volunteer Programs (JFK)


Inside Iraq: Journalists blog from Iraq

DNA Database of “Criminals”?


More black men in jail than college

Shocking: Report finds that college is becoming unaffordable

An Elevator Ride

Arc 109

Go Ahead, Pollute. No, Really- It’s Okay!


Free College?

Former Catholic Guantanamo Bay Prosecutor Speaks Out

A Dying Boy Feeds the Homeless

Five Dynamic Former Slaves

Iraq Journal

A Thought for the Holidays:

Tasers & Society

Interview with Rob Emmanuel & family


President Bush’s Latest Pardons

Great Political Cartoons

Weight of a Wall

healthcare in CT

Agent Orange

Financial Crisis in Easy Terms:

health care

Yoga Banned


Terror Alerts as a Tool


What is the Global Pool of Money?


Marijuana Sentencing



Reporters without Borders

Teach Tolerance

A Movie Message Worth Viewing:

Real News

Iraq Troop Pullout





Please Read This: Sometimes Sarcasm is the only way to show people the King has no clothes on

Flying Spaghetti Monster


A Refugee’s Perspective

The Danger of Thinking


Buy Nothing Day?

World Privacy Rankings


Police say “No” to photos

Students kicked off school bus for saying “Obama”

I Have a Dream

Obama: Closign Guantanamo?

Get em John Stewart


Young Inspiration

Gay Satire

Police Abuse of Kid Skateboarder:

Banned By Airport: Emotion

Interfaith Hospitality Network


Taser Abuse

United States Amendments


What is Liberalism?

Overmedicating our youth


Media Monopoly

Its time to go campaigning- a little dated but still humorous



Maybe it’s Obama’s election, or maybe something in the water, but today I’m being generous & posting some fun from the other side:

The right takes a crack at anti-Iraq liberals:







The World Reacts


Obama Headlines from Around the World

Ani Difranco: Self Evident

Thoughts from a Swing Voter

Sarah Palin Prank called- believes she is speaking to French President

Ghandi Quotes

Corporate Policy

Drive Through Voting?!?


Proposition 8


Satire Wire

The Onion

Smear Casting

A Message from the World to us:

CIA Jibe

Fox Jibe


Obama on the Daily Show

Campaign Nuclear Disarnament



The Danger of Photography

Citizens for a Legitimate Government


Joe the Plumber & his back taxes

Joe the Plumber wants to run for office

Global Citizens

Slavery is not dead

Voter Suppression

Hey There Sarah Palin

Project Home

Daily Kos

Jena 6

Speak Truth


Affirmative Action Debate

Peace Button

Amnesty Success

Obama Televison Address- Wednesday, October 29

Organizers Collaborative

Diamond Boycott

Campus Antiwar Network

Chavez on Palin

International Action Center

Race Finanical Crisis & Obama

Stop the War

OBAMA: In One Week we can come together as One Nation:

Assassination Plot on Obama

Provoking Thought

Woman wins landmark case for being a slave

US bombs Syria Sunday…kills civilans…why does this feel routine?

May I see your receipt before you leave, you know just in case you stole something..?

Purged Civil Rights Reports

Hand in Hand- Jewish & Arabic People

Reform Patriot Act

Democratic Socialist

New Party

Global Dimming?

Guide to Ideology

Hunger, Poverty, and Energy in your State

Classic Propoganda Posters

National Priorities

Personal Tax Calculator- enter your taxes, see what the gov. did with them.

Please Don’t Vote in This Election:


McCain Supporter Fakes Assault by Obama Supporter- Charged with Falsifying Report

Third Party Vote

Amazing Collection of Political Cartoons/Images/Satire

Obama IS a US citizen

Free Tibet

Turn off your television

Peace One Day

Code Pink

Anti Obama In Ohio Part 1- Scary:

Daily Dish

Keep Your Coins…I want Change

The Power of Conviction

Power of Psychology

Anti Obama in Ohio Pt 2- Scary:

Tips for New Paupers

Workers Against the War

Rollingstone on McCain

Project Censored- 2009

Colin Powell Endorses Obama:


Signs of the Times

Amnesty International

Letter from Liberals


Housing Rally in Philadelphia I Was In- VIDEO

Best Description of Economic Crisis I Have Read

Hope for Ariang

US versus Arab world? :


Patriot Act background

Homosexuality satire

Poll: Public Support for Public Health Care

Hilarious- Palin as President- play with the various objects in the room!!

Riches to Rags: effects of the subprime crisis

India’s Pink Possee


Make Poverty History

Robin Hood in the Bronx

California’s Single Payer Health Care Plan:


Jury Nullification

Nelson Mandela

Where do you stand on torture?:

Financial crisis explained

An Opinion on Walmart

Let them eat…

Petraeus, McCain on different pages

Free the Slaves

How To…Wreck the economy

The Power of Written Letters of Support:




Sidewalk to Nowhere: Rally in PA- Scary:

United States House of Representatives

United States Senate


The Week

For Charlie Prewitt


Habitat for Humanity

The Nation

Brave Soldier Refuses to Serve in Iraq:


Caring Families


The Story of Stuff:


Project Censored

Alternative News

Why I’m Voting Republican:


Corporate News

Housing Alliance


Search Kindly

Free Rice


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